"All we need's a…. HIT" - Peter Gabriel's HIT compilation. Reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Steady on, Peter… two albums in a year, what is going on here?! As its title suggests, this is another compilation of Peter's "Greatest Hits" This time however, there is a difference. For a start this is a two disc set which might be a tad confusing for some people; after all, Peter's "Hits" can easily fill one disc as indeed they did with the Shaking The Tree compilation several years ago.
The rationale here seems to be to encompass not only the representation of the definitive commercial "Hits" with a more than liberal smattering of alternative re-mixes and a couple of bona fide rarities including the elusive Burn You Up, Burn You Down and a wonderful live rendition of Downside Up as well as representing Peter's growing catalogue of film music too. There really is something here for old and new fans of Gabriel's music alike although I still think that "Hit" is a misleading title …"it's a knockout" compilation to quote from a song whose title eludes me at the moment!

Erm, that would be Game Without Frontiers, Alan! - TWRW

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