"Bringing down the Barriers" Tony Patterson's new album: Barriers reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

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Many of you will be familiar with Tony from his work as the singer in ReGenesis one of the UK's top Genesis tribute bands. Tony is an accomplished singer and musician in his own right which has already been demonstrated with the release of his first solo album: Defining Blue.

Barriers takes up the cudgels where that album left off. An album of dramatic music opening with the Passion-tinged Beneath The Veil which takes more than a passing nod to Mr Gabriel ,an eerie and provocative start to the proceedings which is followed by Walking Away another track with some seriously Gabrielesque references in it but infectiously catchy just the same.

Let It Rain Down once again wears its PG influences on its sleeve and to be honest that is my one problem with this album. Tony is a talented musician and there is nothing wrong with acknowledging your musical influences and inspirations once in a while but to be honestů for me every track on this could have appeared on a Peter Gabriel album. Tony might consider that as a compliment however, it is not meant as one! The music itself is excellently performed and produced as we have come to expect but is sadly derivative and it is difficult to see where Peter Gabriel ends and Tony Patterson begins I know I am probably not going to make many friends here but for goodness' sake Tony let the real YOU show in your music. You are a damn fine musician and it is time to stop trying to be Peter Gabriel MK2 - you are your own manů time to show it I think!