"Watching the Constellations" Karda Estra's new album: Constellations reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

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OKů why is a non-Genesis album being reviewed here in the pages of TWR? Well apart from being a bloody fine album there IS a connection as will become apparent.

Constellations is Karda Estra's fourth album and if you like your music atmospheric and thought provoking then this album and indeed the band's catalogue will definitely appeal. Inspired by the various constellations of stars in the heavens the album is by turns moving, mysterious and deeply rewarding. Opening with the shimmering grace of The Southern Cross, the album takes us on a magical trip across the ethereal night sky in a brilliantly provocative way. The composer: Richard Wileman and his accompanying musicians including the wonderful vocals of Ileesha Bailey take the listener out of this world - literally, finally ending up Twice Around The Sun as a homage to one of Richard's inspirations: Steve Hackett. Don't let that be the only reason to purchase this album, however because the music stands on its own merits and is truly delightful!

Constellations Cyclops Records CYCL130

For further information contact : richard@kardaestra.co.uk

Web Site: www.kardaestra.co.uk