"Tuning in the radio" Anthony Phillips' Radio Clyde Session album reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

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Another album with a long gestation period, in this case some TWENTY FIVE years! Originally recorded as part of the all too brief promotional work for Anthony's second solo album: Wise After The Event, this is the only surviving live document from that halcyon period.

Recorded at the studios of Radio Clyde, this recording languished unheard for all those years until a chance find of a cassette copy in Ant's own archive enabled archivist Jonathan Dann to suggest that with some judicious "tampering" to rectify the mysteriously sped up recording that this might make an interesting release. Fortunately, Voiceprint agreed with him and now we have the chance to listen to another tempting peek at how Anthony might sound in concert.

Many classic tracks are here including Flamingo, Reaper and the ubiquitous Silver Song along with many others. Recording quality is not flawless but given the original source material, the finished job is not half bad and this is another enjoyable addition to the growing catalogue of Anthony's albums.

Radio Clyde 1978 Blueprint Records BP354CD