"Exploring The River Of Constant Change" - Mario Giammetti's latest Genesis book reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

It is always a pleasure to be able to review a new book on this most fascinating of bands. Even more so, when the author of it is a fan as dedicated to the cause as Mario Giammetti. This is Mario's third book on the band and its members and in addition to this, Mario has also been the prime mover behind the excellent Italian Genesis magazine: Dusk since its inception in 1991.

Genesis - Il Fiume Del Costante Cambiamentio (Genesis - The River of Constant Change to those of you whose Italian is not too crash hot) outlines the band's story from the early days right through to the final incarnation of the band in 1998. As usual, Mario's text is informed and informative with a wealth of detail and attention to detail. The Italian text is accompanied by a wealth of photographs, many of which I had never seen before in any previous publication and outside of any of Armando Gallo's books on the band; I think this is probably the best illustrated book that has been published so far.

Mario's dedication to all things Genesis is well known and his love of his subject shines through here in this excellent addition to the Genesis library - bravo, Mario!

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Mario Giammetti : Genesis -Il Fiume Del Costante Cambiamento Editori Riuniti (Price: 24 Euros)