"Live at last!" - Phil Collins' Finally… The First Farewell Tour DVD reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Well, as anyone who was lucky enough to attend any of Phil's shows on his recent tour will know, Phil pulled out all the stops to round off his touring career in fine style. A show cram-packed with the songs which had made Phil the phenomenon he is today, performed by himself and his band of merry men (and women) with obvious relish and enjoyment… no maudlin sentimentality here, folks!

Phil has consistently treated his fans to a live visual document to practically all of his tours although after the slightly disappointing edited "Live And Loose In Paris" release I am sure I was not the only one wondering what this tour would generate. Fortunately, what was lacking in the previous live video/DVD was more than made up for here.

Recorded again in Paris at the marvellous Bercy Stadium, this double DVD set captures the entire concert with a plethora of multi angles so you can focus on your favourite musician or find out how Phil plays some of his drum fills to your hearts' content. Mixed in 5.1 stereo for those of you with systems to play it and even in ordinary stereo the sound is superb.

What makes this release special, however are the various "extra" features… A lot of thought has gone into this project and fans are treated to not only the show itself but to the various promotional videos for each song; rare TV appearances such as Phil's "Live Aid" performance and a truly hilarious CBS comedy show which I had never seen before and which has to be seen to be believed.

In all, there is almost EIGHT hours of footage to be relished and enjoyed here and for fans of Phil's career this is the MUST have item on your Christmas shopping list although personally I could not wait that long - excellent stuff!

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Phil Collins: Finally…. The First Farewell Tour Warner Music Vision 2 DVD Set 2564 61982 -2