"Something Old…Something New" - Phil Collins' Love Songs CD reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

This is an album with an unusually long gestation period by Phil's standards. It was first mentioned over three years ago and has only now seen the light of day understandably so I suppose with the hive of other activity which is the ubiquitous Mr Collins.

Now that Phil has decided to wind down some of his activities on the touring front the time is right for a compilation such as this which is not simply a Greatest Hits package in time for Christmas… far from it many of the tracks on this collection have never graced a Phil Collins single. Instead what you have here is a resume of Phil's more romantic side… including renditions of songs which he himself has admired and which have on occasions found their way into his live set. As such, this collection might not appeal to every Collins fan… however, for those like me, who have always liked the more melodic and laid back side of Phil's music... this is the ideal recuperation soundtrack after the excitement of Phil's new live DVD… an excellent contrast and an extremely enjoyable compilation.

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Phil Collins: Love Songs - A Compilation … Old And New EMI Music 724386680426