"It's Your Video Show!" - The Genesis Video Show DVD reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Not content with giving the groaning CD shelves of Genesis fans worldwide another triple CD's worth of music in the shape of The Platinum Collection; Genesis have also finally unleashed their promotional video collection on us as well.

It had always been a major irritation for sad cases like me that TV would never broadcast a video in its ENTIRETY or that they would only ever broadcast them at some ungodly hour when any self respecting citizen would be in the land of Nod and would have forgotten to set the timer on the VCR! Well that problem is finally over!

Here, at last is every promotional video that the band have released with two exceptions, the reasons for the omission of which are explained in the exclusive TWR interview with Tony and Mike elsewhere in this edition. Nevertheless, here are such gems as Follow You Follow Me, Turn It On Again taking its rightful place in such a compilation at last! The highlight for me personally though has been the videos which were either never seen here (Anything She Does) and those from the last two albums which either gained a very reluctant screening here in the UK or were not shown in their entirety. Now at last, I can enjoy No Son Of Mine, Shipwrecked and Not About Us amongst others, in all their glory.

Not content with that, this DVD comes replete with the new 5.1 mixes which brings the videos to life in a similar way to their audio counterparts on the Platinum Collection. People might complain about the lack of extras… not me! I am simply delighted to have my mitts on these gems at last and I know that this is one release that will be a frequent visitor to my DVD player! Excellent stuff!

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