"A trip to the forest" - The Epping Forest DVD project releases reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

I have been involved in several fan projects before but I have to say in all honesty that none of them has ever given me as much pleasure as being asked to contribute to this one. James Hendry, the mastermind behind EFDVD managed to persuade me to get behind the project in the best way possible; by giving access to the rambling archive of video footage gathering dust and the occasional spider here at TWR HQ.

Fortunately, he has also been ably assisted by a group of dedicated but plainly insane fans in his mission to digitise the archives of both Genesis and the solo members. The end results so far have been simply astonishing! I thought the VHS copies I occasionally dug out of the archive were enjoyable enough; but here they were cleaned up and enhanced. I had very much taken things like the Pop Shop 72 footage and the Five Songs Live 84 film for granted but here they are enhanced and ready to be enjoyed all over again.

With the recent release of the first two discs of the Mike & The Mechanics "Anthology" series which has even met with Mike Rutherford's approval, and the Phil Collins Pori Fest set as well, the prospect of many more releases by this group in the future I look forward to many more televisual treats!