"Turn It On Again - Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins & Genesis" by Dave Thompson. Reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Another in the seemingly growing canon of books about Genesis, Dave's book is the most recent on the subject to appear only reaching the editorial suite a week or so ago. Dave is no stranger to the music business having written over 80 publications on one part of the industry or another over the years.

This time he has turned his attentions to Genesis and has turned in an informed effort. There is much in this new book which I was blissfully unaware of, especially the history and affiliations of Charisma Records itself as well as some previously unheard anecdotes from some of the people on the ground so to speak. There are a few factual errors (Send Barns was not the cottage to which the band retreated in '68, Dave, but was in fact the home of Anthony Phillips' parents, for instance) but in a book of this size such things are to be expected and in this case minimal.

Drawing from a wide range of sources; including this very web site/magazine, Dave has managed to draw together another entertaining and informative text on the subject and one which will appeal to the casual reader of music books and your die-hard Genesis fan in equal measure, no mean feat I can tell you! A thoroughly enjoyable effort and highly recommended.

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Dave Thompson - Turn It On Again - Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins & Genesis. Backbeat Books ISBN 0-87930-810-9 $19.95.