"Memoirs Of a Defector" - Mario Giammetti's "Steve Hackett - The Defector" reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Many of you might be expecting me to be burning Mario's effigy for stealing my thunder with a book about Steve when I am in the process of writing one myself! Far from it! Mario is that rara avis these days: a BONA FIDE fan with a passion for the music of Genesis and all its component parts in equal measure.

As such, The Defector is written with that same degree of loving care that has attended all of his previous books on various aspects of the band's story which are simply too many to mention here! Once again, Mario has managed to create a detailed portrait of Steve and his music through his own words and those of some of the people most closely associated with him throughout his lengthy career. Lavishly illustrated with colour and black and white photos many of which I had never seen before myself, this is a feast for the eyes and I hope Mario won't mind my saying that I am envious of some of the photos he used! An excellent job by a truly dedicated fan - bravo Mario!

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Mario Giammetti : Steve Hackett The Defector Edizioni Segno ISBN 88-7282-903-8 (Italian language edition).