"Another trip into the forest" - The latest Epping Forest DVD releases reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Yet more visual goodies from those people at EFDVD. A mixed bag this time with footage old and new.

Of most excitement to long standing Genesis fans will be the release of the much vaunted "Melody" broadcast from French TV on 12th January 1974. An unusual performance this one, featuring two songs: I Know What I Like and Supper's Ready and involving an extremely eccentric performance from Peter - even by his own standards! Taken from a broadcast master tape, the version available here is in two versions: normal and wide screen with the additional option of having the time-coding on or off. An essential item for fans of that era of Genesis.

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Genesis: "Melody" ORTF French TV Studios 12th January 1974. EFDVDG07.

Another nice addition to the collection is the EFDVD release of the 1991 "No Admittance" documentary. Originally screened by the Yorkshire TV company and subsequently re-broadcast elsewhere; this is an essential look behind the scenes at the writing and recording of the massively successful We Can't Dance album and the first time that film cameras had been allowed inside The Farm (a feat which we at TWR are proud to say we have also achieved, folks!). Narrated by Paul Gambaccini, the programme provides some interesting and amusing insights into how Genesis went about writing and recording one of their albums - another nice addition!

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Genesis: "No Admittance" Yorkshire TV 1991. EFDVD G06.

Of a slightly more recent vintage, EFDVD have also recently issued only the second live document from the Calling All Stations tour. Amazing to think that from such an extensive European tour, only two shows were filmed in their entirety by TV companies. EFDVD have issued the show from the Sportovinhala in Prague from 2nd February 1998. In addition to that recording, EFDVD have just released an excellent "bonus" disc which contains the highly informative and at times amusing, Electronic Press Kit for the album, along with the VH1 broadcast of the press conference/performance from the Telecom Tower in Berlin which makes for an excellent representation of the band's final studio incarnation.

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Genesis: "Launching All Stations" Virgin Records/VH1 1997 EFDVDG05A

Steve Hackett fans have been spoiled of late with official releases by Steve and EFDVD have managed to unearth a few treasures which will be greatly appreciated by all his fans. First of these is "Sketches Of Hackett" which is a two disc set comprising an interesting documentary from Hungarian TV in 2000 which features interviews and performances by both Steve and his brother John of music from the Sketches Of Satie album. Accompanying this disc, the second one features two privately filmed shows from the series of extremely informal "Borders" bookstore appearances which Steve made in the US prior to the commencement of the 2003 To Watch The Storms tour. Very much proof that in Steve's case; "Have guitar WILL travel!"

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Steve Hackett: "Sketches Of Hackett" Hungarian TV 2000/Private Films 2002 EFDVD SH02.

Perhaps of even more interest to Hackett fans will be the third release of Hackett archival material by the group. Titled "The Video Show" this compilation is a nice addition and indeed a wonderful compliment to the recently issued re-mastered versions of the early albums in his back catalogue. Here, at last, are the elusive promotional videos to nearly all of Steve's singles including one which even this seasoned campaigner had not seen before! Superb stuff all round.

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Steve Hackett: "The Video Show" Charisma/Virgin/Sony Records 1978 - 1992 EFDVD SH03.