"The Anniversary Strat" - The Strat Pack DVD reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Yet another anniversary crept up on us here at TWR, folks! Difficult to credit, but the legendary Fender "Stratocaster" guitar has been with us for over fifty years now. The event was celebrated with an all-star evening of music at Wembley Arena last Autumn and captured for posterity in this; the "Strat Pack" DVD.

Compiled from the performances that night, there are showcases from some of the legends of the world of rock as well as some of the "young guns" that are the current cream of the crop. I have never been a great fan of such events myself; they have a tendency to pander to the lowest common denominator and this event was no exception. The performances here are as accomplished as you might expect from such an assemblage of musical talent but the selection of tracks is nothing if not predictable and the inclusion in the short set by Mike Rutherford and Paul Carrack of standards by Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles was disappointing to say the least! How Long and I Can't Dance aren't exactly showcases for the mighty "Strat" either to be honest but there you go. A nice souvenir for anyone who was at the gig but otherwise a curiosity for completists only.

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Various Artists: "The Strat Pack Live In Concert" Eagle Vision EREDV464.