"More cuttings from the Forest" - The latest releases by the Epping Forest group reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

The irrepressible team at EFDVD have been as busy as usual and as a result of their work and the marvellous contributions made to it by a group of dedicated (if not actually insane) fans yours truly included, have made for some more excellent visual treats for fans of the band and the various solo members.

Steve Hackett: The Video Show EFDVD SH03

The undoubted jewel in the crown this time round is "The Video Show" which presents all of the promotional videos for singles released by Steve Hackett as a solo artist along with both of the GTR promos and a rare collaborative release with Austrian musician: Gandalf. With most of the material taken from master copies and all of them complete; this is the first time that all of these videos have been seen together and this is a MUST have for any fan of Steve Hackett - maybe even Steve should have a look at this one sometime!

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Steve Hackett: "The Full Montreux" EFDVD SH04 (2DVD set)

As if that wasn't enough, Hackett fans also have the added bonus of "The Full Montreux" which, as its title suggests, is a complete broadcast of Steve's performance at the Montreux Festival in 1980. Interestingly enough, this release contains two DVDs; one containing the truncated NTSC broadcast version and the other airing the Japanese TV broadcast of the concert, including two tracks not featured in the other broadcast. Another offering in excellent sound and vision and one which Hackett fans will enjoy immensely.

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Genesis: "Opening Night" EFDVDNTSCG01

Genesis fans will also relish the latest releases which include "Opening Night" a seldom seen US documentary from the beginning of the band's We Can't Dance tour in May 1992. Replete with rehearsal footage and a behind the scenes look at the making of the Jesus He Knows Me promotional video, this is another interesting addition to the growing library of such releases.

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Genesis: "A Deeper Blue" EFDVDG05 (2 DVD set)

A release now which I didn't review last time round because at that time I had not received my copy. "A Deeper Blue" captures another gig from the undervalued Calling All Stations tour. This is another early gig and sadly, like the other TV broadcast from Katowice, does not feature the video screens. Nonetheless, it is another vital document from the tour and presented here in perfect sound and vision.

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Genesis: "Three Dates With Genesis" EFDVDG08

A further blast from the band's past has also surfaced in the shape of the 1978 BBC "On The Road" documentary sometimes referred to as "Three Dates With Genesis". This was the only documentary that the BBC ever made about Genesis during all of the period which saw their rise to fame - strange but true, folks! The documentary takes a behind the scenes look at the European leg of the massive And Then There Were Three tour including rare clips from the gigs at Mannheim, Leiden and Knebworth Park; which brought back some special memories for yours truly as that was my first ever Genesis "experience". As such, this and the extra bonus footage from a German documentary made during the same period, this is the only officially filmed material from this crucial period in the band's story - another essential addition!

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Phil Collins: "A Closer Look" EFDVDPC03

Phil Collins fans are also given a treat this time round with the release of the DVD version of the "A Closer Look" video. Originally released as a fundraising item for homeless charities during the 1994/95 world tour, and subsequently broadcast on several TV stations, this film is a behind the scenes look at the rehearsals leading up to the start of the Both Sides tour including interesting footage and interviews with the band, road crew and technical people.

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Anthony Phillips: "Anthology" EFDVDAP01

With no promotional videos or singles to document, finding any footage of Anthony Phillips would be like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack were it not for the existence of two now deleted videos which, through a mixture of interviews and studio performances, give a rare glimpse into the world of Anthony's music. Augmented by even rarer TV appearance footage from the USA back in 1987 and a Spanish TV documentary, "Anthology" at last gives Ant's fans something to enjoy!

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Peter Gabriel: "US And Then" EFDVDPG02

Bringing up the rear in this current batch of releases is "Us And Then" which gives Peter Gabriel fans a further treat. Peter has been rather spoiling us for choice with DVD releases lately and this DVD brings us another choice item from the 1993 period and the US album. Featuring the VH1 documentary about Peter which was part of their "Egos & Icons" series, this DVD presents an extremely interesting look at the man behind the music and is another excellent addition to the EFDVD series.

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And there you have it, folks, the latest in the series of releases by this excellent group with something for everyone here for your viewing pleasure - now, about this Tony Banks DVD???