Genesis Gig Guide November 1969 - July 1970

John admitted that his memory of many of the gigs was somewhat hazy which prompted me to print this, the most accurate listing of gigs available during his tenure with the band. This list has been compiled with the help of both Anthony Phillips and Jonathan Dann and contains material previously unpublished elsewhere.

Brunel University Acton 4/11/69

Twickenham Technical College Twickenham 15/11/69 (Caravan)

Kingston Hotel Twickenham 23/11/69

Warley Social Club Birmingham 14/12/69

Cheadle Hulme Social Club Manchester 16/12/69

Brunel University Acton 20/12/69 (Fairport Convention)

Twickenham Technical College Twickenham ?/12/69

Kingston Hotel Twickenham ?/12/69

Youth Club Rolleston ?/12/69

Eel Pie Island Twickenham ?/12/69

The set list for these early gigs remains sadly undocumented but based on information provided by both Anthony Phillips and Tony Banks, a set list at this time was likely to contain some (if not all) of the following songs: In The Beginning/The Serpent/Pacidy/Key To Love/Visions Of Angels/Going Out To Get You/Stagnation/Little Leaf/The Knife.

BBC Studios London 2/1/70

(This was a training film organised by Brian Roberts and which has sadly now been lost)

Country Club Haverstock Hill 4/1/70

BBC Studios Shepherds Bush 9/1/70

(Studio session which is now referred to as the "Jackson Tape" Session comprising four tracks which later three of which later emerged as parts of The Musical Box, Anyway and Lilywhite Lilith while a fourth, titled "Peace" has never been re-used. This tape is now in the possession of the band themselves).

Technical College Watford 17/1/70 (Spirit Of John Morgan)

Technical College Ewell 24/1/70 (Atomic Rooster/Nick Drake)

Technical College Kingston 28/1/70

Technical College Leicester 29/1/70

Locarno Ballroom Sunderland 30/1/70

Queen Mary College London 4/2/70 (Afternoon and evening shows)

Brunel University Uxbridge 12/2/70

Technical College Uxbridge 13/2/70 (John Dummer Band)

Students' Union Leicester 14/2/70 (Nick Drake)

Kingston Hotel Twickenham 15/2/70

The Dome Brighton 18/2/70 (T Rex/Rare Bird)

Hurlingham Tennis Club Fulham 20/2/70

BBC Studios Maida Vale 22/2/70

(This is the famous "Night Ride" session for which the band performed: Stagnation/Let Us Now Make Love/Pacidy/Looking For Someone and Dusk)

Revolution Club London 25/2/70

Blaises Club London 26/2/70

(This is the gig made famous by Mike Rutherford bowing up a woman's skirt with his cello bow - the cello in question is currently in the possession of Anthony Phillips).

Brunel University Uxbridge 27/2/70

Essex University Colchester 28/2/70

Farx Club Southall 1/3/70 (Mott The Hoople)

Mistrale Club Beckenham 2/3/70

Ronnie Scott's Club London 3/3/70

Ronnie Scott's Club London 10/3/70

The Roundhouse London 11/3/70 (David Bowie/Hawkwind)

(This is the Atomic Sunrise Festival gig which was filmed both privately and professionally as well as being 8-track sound recorded as well. Genesis were first on the bill opening for both Hawkwind and a pre-Glam David Bowie. Despite rumours to the contrary, yours truly does NOT, I repeat NOT possess a copy of this film. Nor indeed do the band. The private footage is - or was - owned by a guy called Adrian Everett who tried to sell it to Hit & Run Music several years ago for an extortionate amount of money allegedly. The whereabouts of the pro-shot film and soundtrack are as yet unknown. An intriguing two minute audio segment of Stagnation which may be from this gig was found on a tape in Anthony Phillips' tape archive several years ago but a definitive provenance for it is currently unavailable as the tape was not labelled properly).

Technical College Watford 14/3/70 (Atomic Rooster)

Ronnie Scott's Club London 17/3/70

Farx Club Southall 22/3/70

Ronnie Scott's Club London 24/3/70

Ronnie Scott's Club London 31/3/70

Ronnie Scott's Club London 7/4/70

Cooksferry Inn Edmonton 9/4/70

Eel Pie Island Twickenham 10/4/70

Central Hall Chatham 11/4/70 (Deep Purple)

Friars Club (2 shows) Aylesbury 13/4/70

Ronnie Scott's Club London 14/4/70

The Temple London 17/4/70

Farx Club Potter's Bar 18/4/70

One Oak Inn Camberley 19/4/70

Imperial College London 25/4/70 (PC Kent)

Ronnie Scott's London 5/5/70

Eliot College Canterbury 8/5/70 (The Who)

(There is still some debate as to the validity of this gig but advertisements for it do exist)

Ronnie Scott's Club London 9/5/70

University Great Hall Guildford 16/5/70

Angel Inn Goldalming 17-23/5/70 (Rehearsals)

Marquee Club London 24/5/70

Angel Inn Godalming 25-31/5/70 (Rehearsals)

Technical College Farnborough 27/5/70

All gigs by the band which were advertised in the music press at the time for the month of May 1970 and shown above, were cancelled due to Anthony Phillips suffering from bronchial pneumonia and recovering with his parents in Cornwall.

Lyceum Theatre London 6/6/70

Parish Hall Dudley 8/6/70

Marquee Club London 14/6/70 (Junco Partners)

Borough Assembly Rooms Aylesbury 15/6/70

Ronnie Scott's Club London 16/6/70

Carshalton College Carshalton 20/6/70

Ronnie Scott's Club London 23/6/70

Surrey Free Festival Guildford 27/6/70

Technical College Hackney 27/6/70 (Evening show)

Farx Club Southall 28/6/70

Ronnie Scott's Club London 30/6/70

College For Distributive

Trades London 3/7/70

Polytechnic Kingston 9/7/70

St Joan's Rickmansworth 11/7/70

Star Hotel Croydon 17/7/70

? Haywards Heath 18/7/70

This was to be the last ever gig by both Anthony Phillips and John Mayhew with the band. Sadly the exact location of the gig remains uncertain.

Audio and visual documents of the band at this stage of their career are sadly unavailable apart from the broadcast of the Night Ride session and the other material on the fourth disc of the band's first Archive set and the as-yet unreleased "Jackson Tape". None of which give any real idea of how Genesis sounded in front of an audience. Set lists for this period are also open to some speculation but based on the recollections of Anthony Phillips, Tony Banks and John Mayhew a reconstructed set list for this period may have contained some if not all of the following songs: Stagnation/Going Out To Get You/Pacidy/Let Us Now Make Love/Shepherd/Visions Of Angels/Twilight Alehouse/ The Knife.

Gig Guide compiled by Alan Hewitt (Copyright TWR 2006 all rights reserved)