"Musician's Corner" - The latest round up of non-Genesis music being played at TWR HQ.

Only a couple of items to mention this time due to demands on space for other items in this edition. Nonetheless, what is lacking in quantity is more than made up for by quality, I assure you!

First up is Ra, the latest album by ReGenesis front man Tony Patterson. Evocative, mysterious; ethereal are all descriptions which suit this album. Weaving truly wonderful soundscapes from an amazing diversity of musical instruments, this is music that takes you on a journey into a mystical world half-way between heaven and earth. Yes, this is an album that demands attention purely for the sheer breadth and depth of the music contained on it. This is potential film soundtrack music of the highest order and I LOVE it!

Tony Patterson: Ra earthcd001

Next up is an album by longstanding TWR reader; Brendan Eyre. Brendan is an accomplished keyboard player and to my mind this is a long overdue release from him. Ghost Ships is the album's title but there is nothing spooky about the music contained on this disc! Mount Grace opens the album and evokes the grandeur and melancholy of English choral music with a hint of Vaughan Williams thrown in - an excellent start! Other highlights include the wonderfully evocative Autumn beautifully performed on solo acoustic piano and Cradle The Wind which owes its inspirations to such Prog masters as Camel without the slightest trace of self indulgence. This is another album of marvellous music that proves that once again, musical talent is still very much alive in this push button age and thank goodness for that!

Brendan Eyre: Ghost Ships (No Catalogue Number) For information contact Brendan at: www.myspace.com/brendaneyre

Thanks to a chance encounter at a Face Value gig a year or so ago, I had the great pleasure of making the acquaintance of Jordan Hart and his brother who are big fans of the band and of Genesis and Phil Collins themselves. Jordan mentioned that he was a musician and kindly sent me a CD of his covers of several artists' songs including a couple by Phil himself. Jordan has progressed enormously since then and the two track CD "Songs From The Heart" which he recently sent me has shown that quite dramatically. Amazed and The Long Goodbye show a maturity beyond Jordan's years and it was no surprise to hear that he had recently auditioned for a band at Liverpool's prestigious LIPA Academy! When not working on his own material; Jordan also finds time to work on other material for Atlantic Front; the band he shares with his friend Howard Susman. If the quality of the two tracks on this CD are anything to go by; both Jordan and Atlantic Front have a great future ahead of them.

To contact Jordan e-mail him at: corlessaire386@aol.com

Jordan Hart: Songs From The Heart (No catalogue number)

Finally, an unashamed plug for a brilliant record put together for the children's charity: Hope. Balfour Street written by Inky and featuring Steve Hackett and Annabel Lamb is a fundraiser for the charity and some of you may have acquired a copy of the single from the charity themselves at the recent Genesis Convention. A beautifully crafted song and one which deserves to be heard as well as raising funds for an extremely worthy cause. Do yourselves a favour; track down a copy via download at TuneTribe.com for the princely sum of 99p - you won't regret it, I assure you!

Well, that's about it for this edition. If you have any albums/singles etc which you want featured in this section please let us know and maybe they can be reviewed here next time round.