"In Search Of The Holy Grail" - The Top 200 Worldwide Genesis Rarities By Peter Vickers. Reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

I thought I knew a fair bit about Genesis records and recordings. Well, if this wonderful book served as anything then it definitely brought me down to earth with a bump! I have only seen a handful of the items mentioned in its pages and have only ever owned two of them as far as I can recall so I have some serious investing to do!

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Like Peter's previous work; Genesis Collectibles, this is a feast for the fan who is interested in the rare and the strange in the world of Genesis records. Lavishly illustrated with full descriptions and current availability status and price guide (not for the faint-hearted!) it is a gold mine of information on its subject, and like Peter's previous effort; provides both entertainment and information in equal measures. Peter is that rarity these days a BONA FIDE fan and without doubt an expert in his field and a book like this is something that any follower of the band will cherish. Printed as a limited edition of a mere 200 copies, this is bound to become a collector's item in its own right so be quick or you will miss out on a genuine treat!

For more details contact Peter at: petervickers@hotmail.com