"Let's Get Quizzical" - The 2006 Genesis Convention Questions and Answers.

OK, to put you out of your misery, here are the questions and answers to this year's quiz….


1. When did Genesis sign their first publishing contract? 30th August 1967.

2. Who did the band appoint as their first manager? Jonathan King.

3. Who was the first person to play a Genesis record on the radio? Kenny Everett played Silent Sun whilst a DJ on Radio Caroline.

4. What was the release date of Genesis's first single: The Silent Sun? 2nd February 1968.

5. Where was Genesis's first professional gig? Brunel University Acton 4th November 1969.

6. Which Genesis song carries the musical input of Anthony Phillips, Mick Barnard and Steve Hackett? The Musical Box.

7. Which track appearing on Trespass had originally been recorded for the previous album? Visions Of Angels.

8 .Where did Steve Hackett first see the band? The Lyceum Theatre London 29th December 1970.

9. When and where did Genesis first perform Supper's Ready in front of an audience? Brunel University Uxbridge 10th November 1971.

10. Which bands appeared on the same bill as Genesis during the first Charisma "Six Bob" Tour? Van Der Graaf Generator/Lindisfarne.

11. Which artist was responsible for the band's first three Charisma album covers? Paul Whitehead.

12. Whose original painting was altered on becoming the cover to the Selling England By The Pound album? Betty Swanwick.

13. Who previously owned Hedley Grange where the band started recording The Lamb…? Aleister Crowley.

14. What was the alternative storyline originally suggested at the time of The Lamb… and who was its author? The Little Prince by Anton St Exupery.

15. What were the original working titles for Fly On A Windshield and Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats? Pharaohs and Victory At Sea.

16. At which Lamb… gigs were the band and crew accompanied by armed troops? The Pavilhao Dos Desportos Cascais Portugal 6th and 7th March 1975 due to the coup d'etat by Salazar.

17. Which song from the A Trick Of The Tail album was originally written in 1972? A Trick Of The Tail.

18. Who was the director in charge of the 1976 "In Concert" film? Tony Maylam.

19. The band's gig at the Loreley Festival in 1976 was memorable for two reasons, what were they? It was the first ever Loreley Festival and during the day a drug den at the side of the stage was raided by police and set on fire leading to the evacuation of the band from the stage.

20. Which Steve Hackett song was incorporated into Eleventh Earl Of Mar? The House And Four Winds.

21. What was special about 31st December 1976? Not only was it New Year's Eve, but also saw a full dress rehearsal gig by the band at The Rainbow Theatre.

22. Who was the band's guest at the 1977 Earls Court Arena gigs? Richie Havens.

23. Which cartoon character features in the song Scenes From A Night's Dream? Little Nemo.

24. How much did it reputedly cost (per day) to keep Genesis on the road in 1978? £150,000

25. What was unusual about the band's gig at the Westfalenhalle Dortmund on 14th June 1978? Apocalypse In 9/8 was performed as an extra encore.

26. How many different tour programmes were produced for the 1978 tours? Four.

27. Who designed the Duke album cover? Lionel Koechlin.

28. Which venue featured in the Duchess promotional video? The Empire Theatre Liverpool.

29. How many applications were received for the 80,000 tickets for the 1980 UK tour? 500,000.

30. Which track on the Abacab album had the working title "Nationwide"? No Reply At All.

31. Which 1981 gigs were filmed for the Three Sides Live video? Nassau Coliseum and Birmingham NEC (23rd December only).

32. What did the band first use on stage during the 1981 tour? MKI Vari-lites.

33. Which famous record sleeve did the band parody with their cover for the 3x3 EP? Twist And Shout by The Beatles.

34. Who were the other acts who appeared on the bill at the "Six Of The Best" gig? Talk Talk, John Martyn and The Blues Band.

35. Which British comedian appeared in the video for Anything She Does? Benny Hill.

36. What record did Genesis set with the Invisible Touch concerts at Wembley Stadium? The most consecutive gigs at the venue.

37. Who was the opening act at the UK Invisible Touch tour gigs? Paul Young.

38. The band performed complete live sets at the 1986 and 1987 Montreux Festivals - true or false? True.

39. Which track on the We Can't Dance album had a working title of Nile? Fading Lights.

40. Which car manufacturer produced a special edition car called "Genesis"? Volkswagen.

41. What was the location and date of Phil's last appearance with Genesis? Cowdrey Castle Ruins West Sussex 18th September 1993.

42. When was the announcement of Phil's departure made in the form of a press release? 29th March 1996.

43.Where did the band make their first public appearance to promote Calling All Stations? Kennedy Space Centre Cape Canaveral Florida USA.

44. The title track of Calling All Stations was loosely based around which current events? The crisis aboard the Mir Space Station.

45. Which completed non album track from the recording sessions remains unreleased? Run

46. The band performed two warm-up gigs for the tour; one at Bray Film Studios but where was the other one? Sporthal Budapest Hungary 29th January 1998.

47. Which band kept the album off the top spot in the UK charts when it was released? Oasis with What's The Story? (Morning Glory).

48. VH1 Commemorated the release of the Archive set with a special documentary, who narrated it? Ray Wilson.

49. What should have been contained on the fourth disc of the second Archive box set? It should have contained a CD ROM with footage, photos a discography and other extras.

50. The band were briefly reunited on 10th September 2000 at the Dorchester Hotel in London. What was the occasion? BPI Manager Of The Year Awards dinner for Tony Smith.


1. What is Steve Hackett's middle name? Richard.

2. Where did Steve's family emigrate to when Steve was seven years of age? Vancouver.

3. Who was the "Spirit Guide" who was one of the influences behind the writing of the Quiet World album The Road? Koothume.

4. Please Don't Touch was sometimes referred to onstage under what title? If You Break It; It's Yours.

5. Which Classical piece of music did Steve perform with the LSO at London's Barbican Centre in 1983? Vivaldi's Guitar Concerto.

6. What was the humorously titled and as yet unrecorded track with which Steve closed his 1988 Momentum shows? The Carrot That Killed My Sister.

7. Which Austrian instrumentalist did Steve work with in 1992? Gandalf on his "Gallery Of Dreams" album.

8. Which is the oldest track to feature on the Genesis Revisited album? Riding The Colossus, parts of which were written as far back as 1962.

9. What is Tony Banks' middle name? George.

10. Which short story was Tony's A Curious Feeling album based around? Flowers For Algernon.

11. Tony was not the only member of Genesis whose music appeared in the film Lorca And The Outlaws, who was the other and which track of theirs appeared in the film? Peter Gabriel, San Jacinto.

12. Who produced the Bankstatement album? Steve Hillage.

13. Which UK TV programme featured Tony's first solo live appearance and what track did he perform? ITV's This Morning Show and he performed I'll Be Waiting.

14. How many guest singers have appeared on Tony's albums? Eight (Kim Beacon, Toyah Wilcox; Jim Diamond; Fish; Jayney Klimek; Alister Gordon; Nik Kershaw; Jack Hues).

15. Which is the only Tony Banks solo track to have been performed by Genesis? Short Cut To Somewhere performed at the Atlantic At Forty birthday celebrations at Madison Square Garden NYC 15th May 1988.

16. The Serpent Said was influenced by which Led Zeppelin track? Kashmir.

17. What is Anthony Phillips's middle name? Edwin.

18. What was The Geese & The Ghost album originally going to be called? Lostwithiel.

19. Where did the "Alice" musical by Anthony and Richard Scott have its premiere? Leeds Playhouse.

20. What was the title of the piece of music which Anthony co-wrote with Mike Rutherford as the theme tune for the equestrian TV show which Mike's wife Angie was commentating for? The Victors.

21. The album which eventually became known as "The Living Room Concert" was originally recorded for which US Public Service Radio show? Echoes.

22. Which track appears on two separate albums by Anthony? She'll Be Waiting which appears on both The Meadows Of Englewood and Dragonfly Dreams.

23. Anthony is a big cricket fan, what is the name of the cricket team he plays for? The Send Occasionals.

24. What is the connection between Anthony and the Harry Potter films? His niece plays Hermione Granger.

25. What was the name of the group which Mike formed whilst still at preparatory school prior to going to Charterhouse? The Chesters.

26. Who was originally considered as vocalist for the Smallcreep's Day album? Paul Carrack.

27. Which other Sad Café member performed with The Mechanics on their inaugural tour in 1986? Ashley Mumford.

28. Apart from Mike himself, who else was involved in the production of the Word Of Mouth album? Chris Neil and Russ Titelman.

29. Where and when did the album launch for A Beggar On A Beach Of Gold take place? 10th January 1995 at the Victory Club in London.

30. What was unusual about the Mechanics' gig at the Civic Hall in Wolverhampton on 21st June 1995? The band helicoptered in to the gig from London where they had been recording a performance for Top Of The Pops.

31. What was the release date for the Hits album? 4th March 1996.

32. What is the connection between Mike & The Mechanics and Pink Floyd? Mechanics live guitarist and drummer Tim Renwick and Gary Wallis have both played with Floyd.

33. What was Paul Young's last performance with The Mechanics before his untimely death? A live studio gig for German TV's "Ohne Filter" programme on 19th September 1999.

34. Name two of Phil Collins' pre-Genesis recording bands? Freehold, Hickory, Flaming Youth.

35. Long before his involvement with Disney, Phil had done one of the character voice-overs for an animated film, what was it called? Balto.

36. Which Brand X track featured in Phil's first solo tour set list? And So To F…

37. Which famous comedian's catchphrase did Phil borrow for the title of his 1982 album Hello, I Must Be Going? Groucho Marx.

38. Which unlikely band was Phil guest drummer for in 1982 and what was the occasion? Jethro Tull and it was the Prince's Trust Rock Gala Concert.

39. Who was the special guest at the Big Band concert at the Royal Albert Hall gig in July 1996? Nelson Mandela.

40. What was the only UK venue which Phil played during his brief promotional tour for the Testify album? The Scala Club in London.

41. Which female rock star collaborated with Phil on the Brother Bear soundtrack? Tina Turner.

42. In which unusual way did Peter Gabriel and the band convince the Swiss police that they were not Baader Meinhoff terrorists during their first European tour? They performed an acapella version of Excuse Me.

43. What is the musical connection between Peter and Igor Stravinksy? They have both written pieces of music called "Firebird".

44. Which musician went under the pseudonym of "Dusty Road" during Peter's 1978 tour? Robert Fripp.

45. Which band opened for Peter on the 1980 tour? Random Hold.

46. What was the title given to Peter's fourth album in the USA? Security.

17. Who, or what is San Jacinto? A mountain in the US sacred to the Apache Indians or a Polish Saint.

48. Which 25th anniversary celebration was Peter involved with on 14th August 1994? The 25th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival.

49. Which film used Peter's track I Grieve as part of its soundtrack? City Of Angels.

50. What is the title which has been given to Peter's putative follow-up to 2002's UP album? IO.

Quiz questions/answers compiled by: Alan Hewitt/TWR 2006 (All rights reserved)

Congratulations to all who actually had a go at the quiz and to the eventual winners who were: Martyn Mulders (Holland), John Hayes (Canada); David Yardley (New Zealand); Paul Hedges (UK); Brad Hughes (UK); Vernon Parker (UK); and Neil Saint (UK).