"The CV of a Genesis Fan" - by Alan Hewitt.

Over the years there is usually one recurring question which you are asked when you meet fans for the first time:- "How did you get into Genesis?" I thought I would answer that one in a slightly different manner by giving an outline of some of the key events in my own Genesis 'career', if you like, so here goes...

December 1976: Hear entire Wind & Wuthering album on a local radio station.

March 1977: Purchase Anthony Phillips' The Geese And The Ghost album; my first Genesis related purchase.

28th April 1977: Attend Peter Gabriel's solo gig at the Empire Theatre, Liverpool.

24th June 1978: Attend Genesis gig at Knebworth Park, Stevenage.

24th October 1978: Attend Steve Hackett's solo gig at the Apollo Theatre, Manchester.

10th September 19892: Attend Genesis gig at the Willhelm Koch Stadion, Hamburg; my first overseas gig.

2nd October 1982: Attend the 'Six Of The Best' reunion gig at Milton Keynes.

28th November 1982: Attend Phil Collins' first UK solo gig at Hammersmith Odeon, London.

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Birth of TWR - 26/7/87
L-R Peter Morton, AH, Ted Sayers

August 1987: The first edition of The Waiting Room is published.

14th May 1988: TWR's first interview with Steve Hackett.

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First Hackett Interview 14/5/88
Photo: E Sayers

31st May 1988: TWR's first interview with Anthony Phillips.

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AH + AP First interview 31/5/88
Photo: P Morton/TWR

5th March 1989: TWR's first interview with Mike Rutherford.

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Peter Morton + MR
Photo: E Sayers/TWR

25th August 1990: First 'Ant Day' organised at Anthony Phillips' home studio.

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First 'Ant Day' Prizewinners
day out 25/8/90
Photo: A Hewitt/TWR

August 1991: Contacted by BBC Scotland to advise on their 'Story Of Genesis' TV documentary.

December 1991: The Pavillion Magazine created as Anthony Phillips' official fan club magazine.

24th April 1994: TWR's first interview with Tony Banks.

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First interview with Tony Banks

August 1997: TWR celebrates it's tenth anniversary with interviews with the new-look Genesis line-up.

6th November 1997: TWR's first interview with Phil Collins.

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First interview with PC - Hyatt Hilton Hotel Birmingham 6/11/97
Photo: J 'Armando' Guntrip/TWR

23rd January 1998: TWR invited to attend Genesis' debut gig prior to the Calling All Stations tour at Bray Film Studios.

6th September 1998: Work as part of the crew on the Strictly Banks tribute gig at the Orchard Theatre, Dartford.

10th May 1999: TWR invited to attend the warm-up gig for Mike & The Mechanics 'M6' tour at the Hanover Grand Club, London.

April 2000: Commissioned to write specialist questions on Genesis for the finals of the BBC 'Mastermind' quiz show.

May 2000: Opening The Musical Box - A Genesis Chronicle is published.

September 2000: Commissioned to work as an advisor on 'The Genesis Songbook' project.

5th-7th April 2002: Organise 'The Genesis Weekend' at The Limelight Club, Crewe.

March 2003: Act as an advisor on BBC TV's 'A Life Less Ordinary' documentary.

October 2003: First work as merchandiser on Steve Hackett's 'To Watch The Storms' UK tour.

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Alan H's first 'Merch' stint 2003

September 2004: Begin work on 'Genesis Revisited' book project.

27th - 28th May 2006: Take part in the organisation of The Genesis Convention at the Astoria, London.

7th November 2006: Attend the press conference at the Mayfair Hotel, London, announcing the reunion of Phil Collins with Genesis.

24th November 2006: Genesis Revisited goes to press.

December 2006: Sketeches of Hackett book nearing completion.

To be continued...