“Big Band – Even bigger noise!” – The Big Band opus 78 and Friends DVD. Review by Alan Hewitt.

Well, the boy definitely done good! Yes, my old friend Dave Whitehouse has come a long, long way since I first scared the living daylights out of him by turning up at an Invisible Touch gig on the same day as Genesis’ warm-up show at Bray in 1998.

Since then, Dave has taken part in several projects which are no strangers to readers ot TWR, including Invisible Touch who were one of the best Genesis tributes here in the UK and are still missed by many fans. Strictly Banks anyone? Yes, Dave was also a main player in that legendary performance, and of course more recently, he is the frontman for No Jacket Required, the only exclusively Phil Collins tribute band in the UK.

Dave’s talents then are really not in doubt and the DVD is a stunning showcase for them. The guys (and gals) of Opus 78 have been performing together for several years now and there is little doubt that their combined talents are truly awesome and this is probably the closest to a real Phil Collins gig that you are likely to see.

The gig was filmed in the town centre of Luxembourg in front of a packed audience. Dave looks suitably nervous at the start – not surprising really given the fact that this is probably the biggest crowd he has ever performed in front of!

One of the joys of watching Dave perform is the sheer passion he brings to the performance and here that passion is augmented by each and every member of the mini orchestra that are sharing the stage with him. Classics such as Against All Odds and One More Night are brought to bright and shining life here – the vocals are superb and the great thing about the music is that the players put their own “swing” stamp on each and every track while retaining the vitality of the originals.

Basing the show on the “First Final Farewell Tour” set, the mix of material ranges right the way through Phil’s career and is therefore a live tribute to the magic of the music of Phil Collins – superb stuff!

Track listing:- Drums & More / Something Happened On The Way To Heaven / Against All Odds / Don’t Lose My Number / You’ll Be In My Heart / One More Night / Hang In Long Enough / True Colours / Come With Me / Another Day In Paradise / No Way Out / Separate Lives / In The Air Tonight / Medley / Easy Lover / Sussudio / Take Me Home.

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For further information, e-mail Opus 78 at info@opus78.lu