“Genesis Through The Ages by Peter Vickers” – Review by Alan Hewitt.

The irrepressible Peter has been busy again and his latest time took me by surprise. Quite literally in fact; the postman left it on my doorstep without knocking and I nearly fell over it!

That side, what can this book offer that Peter’s previous efforts can’t? Well, quite a lot actually. As an illustrated history of the bands memorabilia rather than the band itself I doubt if anything like it will ever be prepared again and if nothing else, it certainly shows that Peter is infinitely more insane about this collecting “lark” that I have ever been!

There is something of interest here for fans of any “incarnation” or “era” of the band’s story and even conspicuous placing for the covers fo two books by a certain fanzine editor who we all know and love (?!).

The only quibble and indeed it is a minor one really, is the relatively poor quality of some of the images which spoils the fascination somewhat. That is more than offset however, by the sheer scale of the books’ content which will certainly keep me occupied for quite some time once I have recovered from the tour, that is!

Well done Peter, another sterling effort!

For info contact Peter at:-

79 Garth Road
North Wales
LL57 2SW

Or :- petervickers@hotmail.com