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It has been a while since we last had a look at some of the non-Genesis music that we are listening to here at TWR HQ and so here is a look at a couple of the offerings errantly occupying my CD player.

The Watch are another of those Italian progressive bands which appear with increasing regularity. TWR reviewed one of their previous efforts in an earlier edition and their latest album, Primitive, arrived here recently. Once again, the emphasis is on fine musicianship and irregular time signatures! Opening with Sound of Sirens which has definite echoes of early period Gentle Giant. This is followed by The Border where the vocalist Simone Rosetti has an uncannily similar vocal to that of Peter Gabriel. The rest of the album is drawn from similar influences. The music is well crafted and delivered in a truly professional manner. A somewhat dated sound sue no doubt to the bands insistence on playing vintage instruments, the end result is nonetheless a highly satisfying listen.

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Another regular to TWR is Richard Wilman’s alter ego Karda Estra. The latest album; The Last Of The Libertine has recently been released. A concept album of sorts, loosely based around the story of a man who has sold his soul for a life of excess, looking back on his life as it draws to an end – cheerful stuff!

Seriously though, the opening track, Paper Cuts has some serious echoes of The Lamb while Life Drawing has some serious avant garde riffage from Richard with echoes of Spanish guitars as an intriguing counterpoint.

Throughout the album the ideas and forms are taken and juxtaposed to provide plenty of opportunity for interpretation and cogitation. Musically excellent as you would expect from someone of Richard’s calibre, this is not “after dinner” music but definitely food for thought.

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