"Man Of Spells" - The new biography of Tony Banks by Mario Giametti. Review by Alan Hewitt.

What a year it has been! A Genesis tour, and a venereable slew of books about the band and its members.

Mario Giametti is a veritable cottage industry when it comes to all things related to Genesis. Man Of Spells is his SIXTH book! This time Mario turns his attentions to the man most fans regards as being the heart of Genesis; Tony Banks. This book is the latest volume in a series which Mario is preparing which document the lives of the solo members of the band. His previous efforts on Steve and Phil show exactly how much attention to detail Mario has paid while pursuing his passion.

Once again, an informed text is accompanied by a selection of excellent photographs, many of which are new to this reader. The appendicies contain a wealth of detail on some of the more technical aspects of Tony's work and analyses of many of his better known compositions.

All in all, another excellent effort and one which, like its predecessors, deserves an English translation so Mario's work can be appreciated by even more fans.
Bravo, maestro, bravo!