“Stupid Before The Occurrence” - The re-issued Wise After The Event album reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Ant’s second solo album, released in the spring of 1978 but already a million miles away from its predecessor in terms of style and content. The most surprising thing about this album was that Ant finally stepped up to the microphone and gave us what, to this day is still a rarity: an ENTIRE album of songs which featured his own dulcet tones. Ant is no fan of his own voice but personally, I think he has a style and range which is quite unique and certainly suited to more vocal material.

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Back in 1978, such decisions were his to make alone , however and it was thought that an album of songs might help establish him as a solo performer in his own right. Once again, Ant was ably assisted by a stellar cast of musicians including Mike Giles, John G Perry and Mel Collins. Wisely deciding to ditch the Genesis associations, this time, the resulting album was a breath of fresh air. Within the ten tracks on the first CD we have a wide variety of musical styles from the cod-reggae shuffle of We’re All As We Lie and its clever pun on the golfing term “We’re As We Lie” greatly in keeping with the sporting theme of the album cover; to the truly glorious Regrets and the plaintive elegy for wildlife everywhere that is Now What (Are They Doing To My Little Friends?) there is a truly breathtaking range of material here.

As if that wasn’t enough, once again Ant’s archivist and sonic sleuth, Jonathan Dann has done a fantastic job in bringing even more material to us on the second disc in this two set edition. Drawing his material from Ant’s own archives once again; here are demos, alternative takes and mixes galore which all help to give an even more rounded picture of this wonderful album. Once again, the music is augmented by an informed and informative text written by Jonathan and containing extracts of interviews which might prove very “familiar” to some of TWR and The Pavilion’s older readers! Another excellent and enjoyable effort.