“For Members Only” - The new official fan club DVD reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Oh the memories! In the good old days, if you were a member of the band’s official fan club; Genesis Information, you received button badges, and on occasions a flexi disc - luxury eh? Well, yes actually, at the time such items were eagerly awaited and treasured. Time and technology have moved on, however and now we are in the DVD age.

What we have here is, in effect, an extension of the “Come Rain Or Shine” documentary released recently as part of the “When In Rome” DVD. Interestingly enough, the live footage is taken from several different gigs and once again it was fun playing “spot the stadium” during the proceedings. Coming after the extravaganza that was the Rome DVD, this was necessarily something of a somewhat lower key nature. That doesn’t mean that the project is without merit. Far from it! Apart from some more excellent footage of several of the gigs on the tour, we also have more interview footage not only with the band themselves but also with several of the key personnel on the road and behind the scenes. Sadly, these are relegated to the “bonus features” section and are irritatingly short but nonetheless, it was great to see the likes of Justin Crew and Nick Davis have their moment of “glory?”. Seeing Geoff Callingham being interviewed brought a smile to my face as I remembered our encounter with him and his Ken Dodd-styled feather duster during our TWR interview with Nick at The Farm a few years ago. Nick looks completely out of place conducting the interviews but manages in his usual style.

Make sure you find the “hidden” extra tracks that are located on the disc too, a nice touch especially the footage from the US/Canadian tour rehearsals in Toronto!

All in all, this is a nicely presented release which gives yet another behind the scenes glimpse into the world of a Genesis tour and all the hard work and humour that goes into it an enjoyable effort all round.

Members Only DVD Contents: Introduction/Turn It On Again/No Son Of Mine/Home By the Sea/Mama/Tonight, Tonight, Tonight/Drum Duet/Invisible Touch/I Can’t Dance.
Extras: Interviews with: Tony Banks/Phil Collins/Mike Rutherford/Brad Marsh/Geoff Callingham/ Justin Crew/Tony Smith.
“Hidden” Extras: I Know What I Like and Throwing It All Away (Giants Stadium New Jersey USA 27/9/07), Follow You Follow Me and In The Cage (Air Canada Centre Toronto Tour Rehearsals 5/9/07). Running Time: 90 Mins (Approx)