"Sketches, Storms, Orchids" - A Polish language biography of Steve Hackett by Maurycy Nowakowski. Review by Alan Hewitt.

I was quite surprised when I heard about this project and even more so when the book’s publishers kindly sent me a copy. Maurycy (or Maurice as he is known in English) has apparently written several other books on the subject of Genesis and Phil Collins and this slender tome joins that series. Running to 148 pages in all and without illustrations, this book covers (I assume because my Polish is non-existent) the same ground pretty much as my own work on Steve and indeed, Maurice acknowledges both it and TWR in the bibliography at the end. I am sure that Polish fans will relish having a book on Steve which they can read in their own language and collectors of all things related to the band will welcome this one on to their bookshelves. Well done, Maurice for tackling the job in the first place!

"Steve Hackett - Szkice Burze Orchidee". Maurycy Nowakowski. ISBN 978-83-61637-04-2. 21 Zloty. Available from: www.gadrecords.pl

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