“Once More Unto the Breach… Or In This Case, The Tunnel’s Mouth!” - The special edition of Steve’s latest album reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Steve has always treated his fans to a multitude of versions of his albums, replete with a plethora of extra tracks. Thankfully, he has never gone down the road of remixing stuff just for a quick buck though.

Out Of The Tunnel’s Mouth, which was reviewed in our latest edition is already acknowledged by Steve’s fans as one of his finest albums. So, what do we have here with the special edition? Housed in a nifty digi pak sleeve, this is something of an unusual release. Disc One houses the standard album, which I won’t dwell on any more here (see #73 for full review). Disc Two, however is a treat for fans being, in effect, a mini live album which fans will love, featuring as it does, five classic cuts from the recent tour; Blood On The Rooftops, A Tower Struck Down, Firth of Fifth, Fly On A Windshield and Broadway Melody Of 1974. The bonus studio track this time is a strange one; Every Star In The Night Sky starts off as another of Steve’s lovely acoustic doodles before morphing into a medley of some of the rockier moments from the album proper - strange but somehow rather enjoyable and a good end to the album.

Out Of The Tunnel’s Mouth Special 2 Disc Edition. Inside Out 0505388