“Saw it on the TV” - A look at some of the most recent audio visual material to arrive here at TWR HQ.

Just because the band themselves are “resting” that doesn’t mean that the collectors among us can have a holiday! Oh no, far from it! Messrs Hackett Rutherford and Gabriel are determined to keep us occupied or so it seems.

First up though is a Genesis item. Genesis Live In London - The Lyceum Tapes. I didn’t think that there was much left to surprise me about this item, after all, it has been in most fans’ audio and video archives for a long time now. But never say never, because when people like David Dunnington and Tom Morgenstern get their teeth into something, the results are always special and this is no exception. Combining the best elements from both 6th and 7th May 1980 gigs, what you have here is pretty much a definitive representation of what those shows looked and sounded like. In a previous feature I said that stuff like this is akin to archaeology and that is certainly true of this release. Restoration work has been done to give us elements which have previously been missing and restoring others which were of an inferior stamp. Either way, if you are fan of this period of the band then this release is definitely for you - well done to all involved, excellent stuff!
Genesis: Live In London - The Lyceum Tapes. Genesis Archive GEN800507.

Next up is a Peter Gabriel item which has been available before but in edited form. Peter took his band out to South America in the spring of 2009 to dust off some more of his older material live one more time. As usual, TV cameras were present at at least one gig, the show from Buenos Aires on 22nd March and an edited version was broadcast at the time. More recently however, the almost complete TV footage has also surfaced which gives those of you who missed the 07 shows a chance to see what you missed. As usual, Peter is the consummate showman and the band are as excellent as you would expect. Old numbers such as Intruder, Rhythm Of The Heat and San Jacinto give the newer stuff a run for its money in terms of drama and effect. Another essential item for collectors.
Peter Gabriel: Estadio Velez Sarfeld Buenos Aires Argentina 22nd March 2009.

Finally on the visual side of things is a partial recording of one of this year’s gigs by Steve Hackett and the electric band. Culled from the show at the Estragon Club in Bologna on 12th May 2011 this is, sadly a pale shadow of the marvellous film from the 2009 gig at Genoa but you can’t have everything - and filing gigs is bloody hard work I can tell you! Replete with the usual heads and other irritations this is one that will only really be of interest to diehard collectors.

Mike’s current tour has also thrown up something of a rarity. A visual recording of the show at the Edinburgh Playhouse. I say a rarity because there have been no fan-filmed Mechanics recordings in circulation since the Living Years tour over twenty years ago! Technology has moved on since then and unfortunately, the person who filmed this has yet to get to grips with the niceties of avoiding camera shake and droop. However, when the cameraman/woman does manage to get their act together, we have a nice crisp, clean view of the new look band and as such, this will be an essential item for Mechanics collectors.
Mike + The Mechanics: Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre 24th May 2011.