I have to admit that I was somewhat surprised by the emergence of this album so soon after the release of the album proper back in October but I suppose that the record company can’t really be blamed for wanting to capitalise on Steve’s current high profile.

For those of us who purchased the double album when it was released, this one contains only one track that will be of interest and the album opens with it: Carpet Crawlers which features a marvellous vocal performance from former Genesis front man; Ray Wilson. If any of you remember the Calling All Stations tour of 1998 or managed to catch one of Ray’s handful of guest appearances during the Genesis Revisited tour, you will know just how effective Ray’s delivery of much of the classic Genesis catalogue is and here he proves beyond doubt that Genesis made a big mistake in not continuing with him.

That aside, the rest of the album falls into a healthy selection of tracks from the original CD and it all depends on whether or not your personal favourites are included or not. Luckily for me at least, several of mine are and so from the majestic grandeur of Eleventh Earl Of Mar to the sublime Blood On The Rooftops there is still plenty to relish and enjoy. As a sampler for newer fans, which this is undoubtedly aimed at, I don’t think you could wish for a better introduction to the classic era of Genesis and Steve’s often underrated part in it - excellent stuff!

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Genesis Revisited II - Selection. Inside Out 0506522.