A Chronology of Genesis-related events in 1982

March 1982 - Man On The Corner single released.
May 1982 - 3 x 3 EP released.
May 1982 - Private Parts & Pieces III Antiques album released.
June 1982 - Three Sides Live album released.
15th July 1982 - Steve Hackett appears at the Elixii Festival in Brest France.
16th July 1982 - First World of Music Arts and Dance (WOMAD) Festival opens at the Showering Pavilion Shepton Mallet.
18th July 1982 - Second performance by Peter at the inaugural WOMAD Festival.
1st August 1982 - Three Sides Live tour commences in Peoria IL USA.
19th August 1982 - Half Way There single released.
September 1982 - Acting Very Strange album released.
September 1982 - Hello, I Must Be Going album released.
6th September 1982 - Shock The Monkey single released.
10th September 1982 - Peter Gabriel 4 album released.
30th September 1982 - Three Sides Live tour concludes in London England.
2nd October 1982 - Six of the Best concert takes place at the Concert Bowl in Milton Keynes England.
October 1982 - Acting Very Strange single released.
13th October 1982 - Thru These Walls Single released.
28th October 1982 - Peter Gabriel’s Plays Live tour commences in Boston MA USA.
1st November 1982 - You Can’t Hurry Love single and Hello I Must Be Going album released.
21st November 1982 - Phil Collins’ first solo tour commences at Den Haag Holland.
December 1982 - I Have The Touch single released.
13th December 1982 - Steve Hackett premieres material off his as yet unreleased new solo album at a charity gig at the Venue Club in London.