"Transmission Impossible" - A look at the remarkable batch of Flaming Youth TV appearances which has recently arrived in the TWR archive.

Just when you think you can’t be surprised in this collecting lark anymore, someone goes and pulls a rabbit out of the hat such as this series of amazing performances from Phil’s pre-Genesis band, Flaming Youth.

It had been known that the band had recorded performances for several TV shows in Europe prior to their demise in mid 1970 but apart from one which made its appearance a few years ago, the rest remained annoyingly unseen - until now that is!

This remarkable DVD contains three of these elusive performances beginning with one for ORTF in France which was broadcast in February 1970. As was the norm with such things in those days, the performance is actually mimed but even so, just seeing the band is a treat which many fans will never have had before and one which they will enjoy.

Our second offering is from a broadcast the band made for Dutch TV in May 1970 by which time the band had effectively imploded. Once again, the footage is mimed but the quality is excellent - frightening to see young Mr Collins looking as fit as a butcher’s dog here.

The final item on the DVD comes from WDR in Germany and was broadcast on 24th December 1970 - a nice Christmas present for German fans at the time (wonder how many of them appreciated it?). Strangely enough, by the time this one was finally broadcast, Phil had already departed the band and was firmly ensconced in Genesis! A longer format broadcast than the two that precede it, this one is extremely enjoyable throughout.

When something like this comes to light it really does make you wonder what else might still just be lurking in an archive somewhere - Genesis’ Disco Two performance perhaps? After all, the BBC have only just re-discovered several lost episodes of DR Who which pre-date that by a number of years so who knows? I might just get my wish to finally see a film of the band which features Anthony Phillips on it! And it all goes to show that collecting can be frustrating at times but when something like this turns up the thrill of the chase is still appealing even after all these years!

Congratulations and thanks to the people responsible for brining this lovely item out of the cold - more please!

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