"Genesis - In Our Flight Of Fancy" reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Anyone who is a fan of Steve’s work will no doubt have become familiar with the photographic work of Maurizio and Angela Vicedomini as their photographs and images have graced several of Steve’s recent albums and tour programmes.

Many of you may have noticed this book on the merchandise stall at Steve’s recent gigs. And if so, I hope that you, like me availed yourselves of a copy! There is an echo with a previous artistic effort about Genesis in so much as this book shares a similar lyrical inspiration with Kim Poor’s Illustrated Lyrics book from many years ago.

That is where the similarities end though, for what you have here is a breathtaking re-examination and interpretation of some of Genesis’ finest lyrics through the medium of photography. It has to be said that not all of the images will resonate with the viewer on cursory glance but if you take the time to immerse yourself in them, then the result will be a highly satisfying one. Indeed, if you take the time to relish the magnificence of the photography itself and the context in which it is set, then I am sure you will soon find yourself embarking on your very own flight of fancy accompanied by Genesis at their finest. An excellent effort.