Here’s a look at the latest CDs occupying space in TWR HQ when we are not occupied with all things Genesis.

Only offering this time round is the latest offering from the Hawklords. This band has a lengthy pedigree emerging out of a previous Hawkwind -related band; The Sonic Assassins. According to the press release, this latest album; Dream is a “commentary on the human condition”. If this is the case, then the album’s opener, the Pink Floyd -tinged Dream A Dream give the listener cause for hope with its incessantly catchy rhythms and more effects than you can throw a sonic screwdriver at!

This is followed by the meaty D N A which features some excellent bass from Adrian Shaw and impeccable percussion from Dave Pearce. Lyrically, as you would expect there is an emphasis on the cosmic but there is an underlying element of wry cynicism which sets this one up as one of my favourites from the album. Elemental Mind and Nowhere Everywhere are superbly contrasting tracks featuring some surprisingly mellow playing on the latter which wouldn’t be out of place as a single if the charts weren’t so full of X Factor (spit) crap! I D Man takes us back to the roots of the band with a track which I am sure owes its evolution to the New Wave movement which was the vogue when the Hawklords started out. An observantly humorous lyric and some fine ensemble playing makes this one which I am sure will go down well with the punters at the band’s forthcoming gigs.

Nature’s Dance and Nature’s Dance Coda feature some excellent guitar work from Jerry Richards whose vocal performance here also gives an added element of poignancy to the performance although the lyric itself is pure Hawklords fare the contrast between vocal and music makes this pairing a particularly strong one.

White Rag opens with effects worthy of The Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy with an extended and deceptively soothing intro before the band cut loose on some superb rock and roll and Harvey Bainbridge’s synth playing here is a delight. Lyrically this one is like so many Hawklords tracks, effectively a poem set to music but its effect is just as impressive and once again, the rhythm section of Shaw and Pearce drive this one along at a suitable pace. Backwards guitar and vocoder anyone? Dead Air has them both in spades! Before the album reaches its conclusion with Psychic Eyes a truly psychedelic romp worthy of a band with such a pedigree.

What impresses the most about this album is the sheer sense of fun which is prevalent throughout it. Adventure, humour, lyricism and pure Hawklords music makes this an album that will be a hit with established fans and make the band new ones too - me included - excellent stuff!

Hawk lords - Dream. LORDS0913.

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