Chris James - Stories Of Genesis Volume 2 reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Chris James has done it again! His first volume of short stories based around some of Genesis’ songs was an extremely enjoyable effort and here he is again with a second, equally enjoyable effort. I particularly enjoyed Rise Of The Hogweed, with its shared War Of The Worlds/Island Of Dr Moreau references although I should point out Chris that HMS Dreadnought was not launched until 1906 but that’s a minor quibble really. A Thought Spared For Providence was a wonderfully thought provoking effort too. Secession had me quietly chuckling at the idea of the royal family helping to get rid of banking institutions while From The Cellar was an incredibly bleak look at recent and current events in Eastern Europe. Each story is complete and entirely entertaining and certainly has made me view the songs that inspired them in a new light, which after all these years of listening is quite an achievement in its own right. Chris has a natural gift for this style of writing which, as a frustrated novelist myself, I admire enormously. Well done that man!