“More Tales Of The Unexpected” - The latest volume of Stories Of Genesis from Chris James reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Don’t you just hate talented people? Seriously though, I do admit to a twinge of jealousy every time Chris produces another volume in this series as I cannot write fiction to save my life and believe me, I HAVE tried! Anyway, enough of my problems.

Here we are with the third in Chris’s series Stories Of Genesis with yet another fine selection of tales inspired by the songs of Genesis. This one opens with Liquid Len’s Last Stand a hilarious behind the scenes look at what really happened during The Battle Of Epping Forest and all the nefarious activity associated with it brilliantly observed and really funny! Word to the wise though Chris… “Scouser” is a pejorative term in some quarters but anyone from the celestial city of Liverpool wears that badge with pride I can tell you! Oh, and Southerners coming “up norf” for trouble invariably go back with their tails severely docked!

The Life Boutique is a fascinating look at what could happen if you could literally swap your life with someone else and the unforeseen consequences be very careful what you wish for folks!

Men Of Our Times is a masterful and insightful look behind the rationale of a terrorist attack on London from the terrorist’s perspective. One man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter and this one really does make you think. Not an easy subject to tackle but the end result is superb if a little disturbing.

Just A Job takes its inspiration form the song Mama and the story of a man’s obsession with a prostitute but here it is given a brilliant twist which I won’t spoil by revealing here

The remaining two stories are equally as fascinating and enthralling and once again Chris has done a truly remarkable job in putting them together. The standard of writing is uniformly excellent and my only criticism of this selection is the same one I have levelled at the previous ones; that some of the stories are in fact TOO short but that is the only criticism I can level at what is a really remarkable effort well done that man!

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