“Live at the Cinema Show” - Robert Ellis’ new book: Genesis The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - The Ultimate Record reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

2014 sees the fortieth anniversary of The Lamb.. Album and tour and there are numerous publications in the offing commemorating that event and of these the first to reach the shelves is this, photographer Robert Ellis’ visual documentation of the making of the album and the tour.

Ellis is one of the UK’s best known photographers whose work has graced more newspapers, books, magazines etc than you can shake a stick at. As someone who was “there” during the creation of the album and the tour, Ellis’ camera captured many of the kind of moments which you seldom ever see.

And here at last, gathered in one place are many of those cherished images in a chronological visual record of the album and tour. Including never before seen images from some pivotal moments in the story of the album and tour this is a fascinating and essential document for anyone with an interest in this episode in the band’s story. Text is minimal but accompanies the images without being intrusive letting the photos do the work of telling the story itself.

The limited edition hardback comes accompanied by the Six of The Best supplement which once again includes many of Ellis’ wonderful images from that wet night in Milton Keynes all those years ago. Once again, many of these have not been seen before and make for another wonderful look behind the scenes at the day most Genesis fans thought would never happen.

All in all, a magnificent tribute to one of the most important albums in the Progressive rock oeuvre, and also a tribute to the tenacity and patience of Mr Robert Ellis himself - a must for any serious Genesis fan!

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Robert Ellis: Genesis The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway The Ultimate Record. The Rock Library ISBN: 978-0-9929369-0-7.