In conversation - Steve Hackett talks to Andrew Head about his past, present and future. Photographs courtesy of Mino Profumo, Dave Kerzner and Jo Hackett. Memorabilia: TWR archive.

AH: How did the audition with Genesis come about?

SH: As a result of an advert I placed in Melody Maker in 1970.

AH: What was your best memory of touring with Genesis?

SH: Playing to full houses at the Roxy in LA in 1973.

AH: Did you prefer writing with the band or performing?

SH: I loved both equally in different ways. All part of the creative process.

AH: Where were you when you heard yourself on the radio for the first time?

SH: The first time was I remember was hearing I Know What I Like played by the BBC.

AH: What were your feelings on leaving Genesis? Freedom? Anxiety? Fright?

SH: A sense of responsibility mixed with determination. I took a deep breath and dived in.

AH: Do you miss not writing in a group dynamic anymore? Or does it more suit your style to write as an individual?

SH: I still write with others, such as Roger King and Jo (Steve’s wife) but it is good to be captain of my own ship.

AH: How has touring changed for you over the years?

SH: Greater international acceptance has made the job easier and it is great to connect with people from many different cultures. I still enjoy it after all these years.

AH: Do you always have a theme in mind when writing an album or are they collections of different ideas?

SH: Gradually various ideas form together to give a cohesive feeling and a character emerges.

AH: What was your inspiration for writing the new album?

SH: An adventure in both space and time, and travelling with my wife, Jo.

AH: What are some of your favourite touring destinations?

SH: I look forward to connecting with people in all places. Everywhere is equally interesting and different each time I go.

AH: Have you ever thought about recording with Ray Wilson as a vocalist? He has guested with you in the past on the Genesis Revisited shows?

SH: I have recorded with Ray Wilson who sang Carpet Crawlers beautifully on one of my Genesis Revisited projects. Yes, I may well record with him again.

AH: Will there be a third Genesis Revisited album?

SH: I don’t know yet whether I will do a third Genesis Revisited album. I enjoyed performing both, which I will be doing again very soon.

AH: you guested recently on Dave Kerzner’s new solo project. Are there any other projects like this on the horizon?

SH: Yes, I do play on various projects, most recently on my brother John’s new album.

AH: From a purely selfish point of view, when are you coming to Australia?

SH: When I am invited by a promoter who realises what a big audience is waiting here!

AH: Hmmm… I may be able to help you out with that. If Tony Smith called you tomorrow and said that a five man reunion was definitely happening, what would be your response?

SH: I would be very surprised but I am behind the suggestion. I think it would be great for the fans.

Thanks to Steve and Jo for their time and to Andrew for sending this in to us, here at TWR. Look out for another exclusive with Steve in our next edition.

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