“Hitting the road with the Mechanics” - Our roving reporter, Ina Schneider reports from Mike & the Mechanics’ recent European shows. Words and photographs by Ina Schneider.

Finally Mike & The Mechanics returned after a one and a half year break for a short tour of Germany! They played eight shows with the tour culminating in Zoetermeer in Holland. The set list remained the same and included two new songs from the forthcoming album and two from Mike’s Genesis days.

Get Up was first and immediately it was party time! Another Cup Of Coffee, Beggar On A Beach of Gold and Silent Running were next. With Are You Ready? We were introduced to the first new song. Try To Save was next, from the new line up’s debut album . Andrew was asked if he played in a school band and how this band was called… So we got to know that his band’s name was “Schoolband”! and that Mike’s school band was called “Genesis” cue much laughter! And the first track from that band they were to play was next: Land Of Confusion which was followed by Let Me Fly , another new song .

Now Andrew was free to sing his own song: Cuddly Toy and the band’s new drummer; Philipp Groysssboeck had to hit the drums up to twenty six times! Another Genesis classic followed, with I Can’t Dance and then All I Need Is A Miracle and Living years rounding out the show.

During Miracle… Tim encouraged the audience to sing with him which is always a bit of light hearted fun. The band then left the stage but were not long in returning for the encores: Over My Shoulder and Word Of Mouth and the audience were made to work during the latter during the “north side… “ part of the song.

At Zoetermeer the audience also sang happy birthday to Mike whose birthday it was . All in all, these were excellent concerts with a fantastic mix of Mechanics songs old and new - which made me eager for more new stuff! The shows were a little short but packed with energy.

The dynamic between Tim and Andrew continues to grow and it is obvious that Mike has once again found two great singers and although the last show was only a couple of days ago I can’t wait for the next one!


Thanks Ina for sharing those thoughts and images with us.