“News from the world“ (Originally published in #18 of The Pavilion).

TP: So, Quique, basically we are here to talk about this album of yours. First of all, when w may we expect it to be available?

QBG: They say it might be available in the spring although it might be later in the summer - I don’t know for certain yet.

TP: And the title…?

QBG: The album is called Suenos.

TP: Can you tell us a little bit about it and what sort of music is on it?

QBG: It is a series of recordings which I have made over many years, in different studios, with different guitars, and it is a mix of classical music because it has four or five pieces by Bach and Ravel and the rest is kind of New Age. I thought that mixing both things on the same album would be quite interesting and I do like it that way so.

TP: Which pieces have you chosen from Bach and why those pieces in particular?

QBG: Well, those ones because I like them and there is the Sarabande and Doble and there is a piece written originally for lute and transcribed for guitar. I only took the Allegro, the last movement from that and then there is the Ravel piece: Pavane Pour Une Engante Defunte which is very difficult to play on a Spanish guitar but I used the transcription made by Juilan Bream so I think that sounds nice. The rest was three pieces written by myself, one on a twelve string guitar and the rest on Spanish guitar and then there are two pieces by Anthony which are my favourites by him: Nocturne and Field Of Eternity as well as my version of Horizons by Steve Hackett. There are sixteen tracks in all.

TP: What other musicians have you used on this?

QBG: It is just me. I overdubbed with keyboards just a little bit.

TP: This project has taken a long time to get to this stage. What else have you been doing apart from working on it?

QBG: I have been working in Spain as a session musician ad touring with a Spanish singer who is from the Balearic Islands and playing live with him. I also teach music but mainly I work recording with other musicians which I enjoy..

NOTE: Quique’s album Suenos was released by the Blueprint Records label in the autumn of 2003 (Catalogue number: BP352CD).