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TWR is run by Genesis fans for the benefit of Genesis fans. As such, we welcome contributions from anyone and everyone.

If you have something interesting to write about Genesis, feel free to send it in. This could be in the form of a review (gig, CD, DVD, etc), to photos, to an amusing anecdote or personal story, and so on.

To submit something to TWR, please e-mail the Webmaster.

TWR is a non-profit making entity. In fact, it makes no money whatsoever. The reality is that the people that run it pay for its existance (web hosting costs, travel costs to gigs, interviews, etc). As such, no financial re-imbursement can be offered for anything submitted to TWR for publication. The magazine is run out of 'love' for the band and it's music rather than to make financial gain. Submissions to TWR will be treated the same.

If you submit something to TWR for publication you are agreeing to do so for free and also agreeing that the resulting article will be made public on the internet for all to see.

All submissions are subject to editorial control. The editor will decide what is/isn't suitable and what will/won't be included in the magazine and when it will appear. His decision is final and no correspndance will be entered into. Every effort will be made to include a submission in the next available issue, but owing to publication dates and deadlines this may be several months from the date of the submission.

Every possible effort will be made to credit submissions correctly. If you find that this is not the case, please notify the Webmaster. TWR is put together by human beings, and as such, errors may occur. Should such errors occur, no malice is intended.