TWR #106 Contents

Interview: “A Joyful Noise” – Steve Hackett talks about his latest album and the current tour. Interview conducted by Alan Hewitt at Steve’s home on 5th April 2019.

Announcement: Press release for Steve Hackett's autobiography

Announcement: Press release for Steve Hackett's 2020 tour

CD Review: “Seriously Hot Nights” - Phil Collins’ Serious Hits Live And A Hot Night In Paris live albums reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Gig Review: Phil Collins In Concert At The Infinte Energy Arena, Duluth, GA USA 28th September 2019. Review and photographs by Danial Albert.

Gig Review: “A Tale Of Four Cities” - Phil Collins in concert at several locations. Review and photographs by Francis Comtois.

Tour Report: “A Hacketting I Will Go…” - The annual migration around the UK by your editor told in Graphic detail. Review and photographs by Alan Hewitt.

Gig Review: “Hackett-days US Style” - Here is a report on the current US East Coast Tour by Steve as told by TWR’s latest recruit: Rick Pauline.

Gig Review: “A Night to Remember” - the Rocking Horse Music Club perform the music of Anthony Phillips and Mike Rutherford at Trading Boundaries, Saturday 16th November 2019. Review by Alan Hewitt. Photographs by Tony Bridgeman and Patrizia Marinelli.

Article: The Peter Gabriel Story Part Six - Growing Pains 1995 - 07 - Narrated by Alan Hewitt. Memorabilia: TWR Archive. Photographs by Ted Sayers.

Article: PETER GABRIEL GIG GUIDE 1998 - 2004

Article: Musicians Corner