It's Written In The Book…

Yes, it's time to revisit this feature with a few more volumes which have made their way on to the groaning bookcase shelves at TWR HQ…

First up, two volumes by the irrepressible Mario Giammetti. Mario is a veritable one man Genesis book industry and he has produced many fine volumes in his native language over the years all of which have been reviewed in the pages of TWR.

His largest Genesis volume (The River Of Constant Change) has finally been given an English translation and has been split into two volumes : Genesis 1967- 1975 The Peter Gabriel Years and Genesis 1976 - 2021 The Phil Collins Years. If you are already familiar with Mario's work, you will know what to expect. Both volumes are chock full of detail and lavishly illustrated with memorabilia and many previously unseen photographs. I found the cutting about the proposed visit to China particularly fascinating! Both volumes are a joy to read from cover to cover and both should be an essential part of any fan's reference collection.

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Another volume which almost sneaked past me until recently is one in the "Decades" series by SonicBond Publishing. Written by Bill Thomas this one covers the 1970's. Thomas's knowledge of the band and it's music is second to none and this is a very well informed and informative volume with many thought provoking insights into the music and the processes behind its creation. It even covers the relevant solo releases during this period in similar detail although the reference to Poly Piece" by Anthony Phillips as "Holly Piece" must surely be a typo? Nit picking I know, but the trivia is what engages us anoraks, isn't it? Seriously though, this volume provides enough information and insight to merit its place in any serious collection.

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I am already aware of several other volumes - including my own final essay on the subject (please be kind folks!) - so I think this feature will be making a reappearance at some point. However, if there are any books which you would like to bring to our attention, then by all means send us the details - TWR's library always has space for one more volume!