TWR #18 - Contents

Gig Review: “A Windy Night in Birmingham” - Genesis in concert at the Odeon Theatre Birmingham on Saturday 8th January 1977. Review by Kevin Powell. Photographs by Alan Perry.

CD Review: “The Last Straw” - Genesis’ new album, We Can’t Dance reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

CD Review: “Still” Tony Banks’ new album - a retrospective review by Phil Morris.

Article: “What We Did at Vic’s Place” (Part Two) - Mayhem and General Insanity by A Phillips. Photographs and other weird things by Alan Hewitt.

Article: “One Of A Kind” - The Career of Bill Bruford examined by: Jonathan Dann. Photographs: Ted Sayers and TWR Archive.

Article: “The Right To Reply” (Part Two) - By Ted Sayers and Phil Collins.

Article: The Genesis Story - Part Ten: Wind & Wuthering by Peter Morton. Photographs by Alan Perry. Memorabilia: TWR Archive/Mino Profumo.

Article: Genesis Gig Guide 1977

Article: "The transfer to digital medium : Genesis on CD" - An examination by Jonathan Dann Part One.