TWR #24 - Contents

Interview: “Tell us about your latest film, Sir Edward…” - Phil Collins intevriewed on BBC Radio Two about his new film Frauds. Interview conducted by Gloria Hunniford and transcribed by David Beaumont. Memorabilia TWR achive.

Interview: “Pearls of wisdom” - Steve Hackett talks about his new album, Guitar Noir and his current tour of the UK. Interview conducted by Alan Hewitt at Manchester University student refectory on 25th May 1993. Photographs by Jonathan Dann, Richard Mills and Bill Brink. Memorabilia: TWR archive.

CD Review: “Guitar Noir” - Steve Hackett’s new album reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Video Review: “The Way We Walk : In Concert” - Genesis’ new live video reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Gig Review: “Us on tour” - Peter Gabriel in concert at Earls Court Arena, London on 31st May and 1st June 1993. Review by Dave Dennis. Photographs by Shirley Powell/Pauline Thompson. Memorabilia: TWR archive.

Gig Review: “Give me steam” - Peter Gabriel in concert at the Sporthalle, Hamburg and Deutschlandhalle Berlin on 16th and 17th April 1993. Concerts reviewed by Karin Woywod. Photographs by Shirley Powell.

Gig Review: Steve Hackett - live at the Bierkeller, Bristol on Monday 7th June 1993. Review by Alan Davidson. Memorabilia: TWR achive.

Gig Review: Steve Hackett - live at Sheffield Lead Mill. Concert performed on Sunday 30th May 1993. Review by Peter Morton. Memorabilia: TWR archive.

Tour Review: “In the heart of several cities” - an overview of Steve Hackett’s 1993 UK tour by Alan Hewitt. Photographs by Richard Mills and Jonathan Dann. Memorabilia: TWR archive.

Article: The readers Genesis poll results - July 1993. Compiled by Peter Morton.

Article: “John Anthony - a charismatic producer!” (co-starring the delicious talents of Paul Whitehead). An examination of one-time Genesis producer John Anthony’s work by Patrick Vigneron. With additional bits and pieces by Jonathan Dann.

Quiz: Lyrics quiz - Have a go at this little brain teaser of a quiz drawn up by Waiting Room reader Alan Davidson - good luck!