TWR #26 - Contents

Interview: “In conversation” - Genesis interviewed by Chris Tarrant on GLR Radio on 1st January 1992 (pt2). Photos and memorabilia: TWR archive/Alan Perry.

Interview: “The defector speaks out” - Steve Hackett talks at length about his solo career. Interview conducted by Alan Hewitt at the Richmond Hill hotel, London on Saturday 25th September 1993. Memorabilia: TWR archive.

CD Review: “Seeing both sides” - Phil Collins’ new album, Both Sides reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Gig Review: “Steaming up at the point” - Peter Gabriel live at The Point Theatre, Dublin on Friday 28th May 1993. Reviewed by Brian and Joe McGrath. Photos by Pauline Thorpe. Memorabilia: TWR archive.

Video Review: “All about Us” - Peter Gabriel’s new video reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

CD Reviews: “Out-takes from the musical box” - Recent Genesis CD bootleg releases reviewed by Adam Gottlob. Additional bits by Jonathan Dann.

Article: “The beginners guide to collecting genesis” by Jonathan Dann. Illustrations: TWR archive.

Article: “Genesis - the BBC sessions” - An in-depth examination of the band’s BBC radio sessions by Jonathan Dann.

Article: “Listening to the echoes” - Anthony Phillips’ recent US radio broadcast reviewed by Alan (Emil Toulouse le-Hewitt) Hewitt. Photos: Bill Brink.

Article: “A Charismatic boxed set” - the new Charisma boxed set reviewed by Alan Davidson.