TWR #31 - Contents

Interview: "Still Strictly In Conversation …." - Continuing the interview we began with Tony about his new album Strictly Inc in the last issue. Interview conducted on Saturday 29th July 1995 by Alan Hewitt.

Interview: "In The Beginning: There Was Smallcreep" - Mike Rutherford in conversation with Alan Hewitt about his first two solo albums.

Interview: "A Little trip down Memory Lane" - Phil Collins in conversation about his pub band: Zox And The Radar Boys and his involvement with Silver Song. Extracts from a Radio1 interview in 1974 transcribed by Alan Hewitt.

Interview: "I owe it all to the Richmond Hill tuna Sandwiches!" - Steve Hackett in conversation about his latest albums and his fixation for tuna fish! Interview conducted by Alan Hewitt at the Richmond Hill Hotel on Saturday 28th May 1995.

Interview: "The A to Z of Genesis" - Tony Banks talks about his career with the band. This time we reach And Then There Were Three and Duke… Interview by Peter Morton, Jonathan Dann and Alan Hewitt.

Interview: "Paul Carrack Unplugged" - Sheffield Crucible Theatre 17th October 1995. Interview by Peter Morton.

Gig Review: "Revving up at the Mean Fiddler" - Mike & The Mechanics in concert at the Mean Fiddler, Dublin on 30th July 1995. Review by Declan Kelly.

Album Review: "Strictly Inc…. Delivers" - Tony Banks' new album reviewed by Bill Brink.

Album Review: "The River Of Constant Change" - A tribute to the music of Genesis. Double CD by various artists reviewed for TWR by Alan Hewitt.

Album Review: "Lyrical Echoes" - Anthony Phillips' studio concert CD and lyric book reviewed by Alan Hewitt.