As you will see from the first feature in this edition, TWR #32 was an historic one! Phil had quit the band and no one (outside of the band's immediate circle) had any real idea what was going to happen next. I certainly never thought I would still be writing a magazine about the band at such an important stage in their careers let alone knowing that as things stand was at that time ( and continues to be) the longest established Genesis fan magazine in the world something which gives me and the rest of the guys involved with producing it, enormous pleasure and this is just a small thank you to everyone who has helped me make it possible over the years.

Alan Hewitt

Liverpool 16 th March 2003.

TWR #32 - Contents

Article: "Genesis - A New Beginning?" - A fan's point of view

Review: "The view from the armchair" - Phil Collins' MTV "Unplugged" performance

Review: "The Genesis Of A Musician" - An introduction to the solo recordings of Anthony Phillips

Interview: "Lyrics of Another Kind " - In conversation with Steve Hackett

Interview: "Ace, Squeeze, Mechanics" - Paul Carrack in conversation

Review: "The Ace Mechanic Returns" - Paul Carrack live in concert

Article: "A Look At What's In The Garage" - Video releases and Video/TV footage by Mike Rutherford and Mike And The Mechanics

Interview: "Whistling While You Work" - Mike & The Mechanics in conversation

Review: "Mechanics Live Hits" - Mike & The Mechanics Live at Sheffield City Hall

Review: "All We Need Is A Hit" - Mike & The Mechanics "Hits" album and video

Review: "Walls Of Sound" - Tony Banks' latest album, "Strictly Inc."

Review: "A Fitting Tribute" - "Supper's Ready", the recently released Genesis tribute album

Review: "Don't judge a book by its cover" - Chris Welch's book, "The Complete Guide To The Music Of Genesis"

Review: "Another Look" - A further commentary on Chris Welch's book

Review: "A Career To Date" - Anthony Phillips "Anthology"