TWR #38 - Contents

Review: Genesis at Bray Film Studios, 23rd January, 1998

Interview: "Illuminating Darktown" - Steve Hackett in conversation about his new album

Interview: The "A-to-Z" of Genesis - Tony Banks talks about the Invisible Touch and We Can't Dance albums

Interview: "Portrait of an artist in her own words" - an interview with Kim Poor

Review: "Watching somebody else's dream come true" - The Strictly Banks concert

Review: "Not so strict!" - The Strictly Banks concert

Review: "Listening to the songs in the attic" - Anthony Phillips' Archive Collection Volume One

Review: "Tempted by another cup of coffee" - Paul Carrack in concert at the Neptune Theatre Liverpool, Thursday 7th May 1998

Interview: "Opening the Boxed Set" - Anthony Phillips interviewed about his involvement in the recent Genesis Boxed set

Interview: "Boxed Set Blues" - Steve Hackett in conversation about the recent Genesis Boxed Set and his own future projects. Interview conducted at Crown Studios on Monday, 22nd July, 1998

Review: "Taking another trip back..." - The first Genesis Boxed set

Interview: "Waiting For The Big One" - Interview with Armando Gallo, Montreal, 14th November, 1998

Interview: "A View from Mount Fabmore" - Interview with Paul Whitehead, Montreal, Saturday 14th November, 1998

Review: "A Hot Night In Paris" - Phil Collins' Big Band jazz album

Review: "Making a Big Noise in Birmingham" - Phil Collins' Big Band concert at Birmingham's Symphony Hall, Friday, July 24, 1998

Review: "Listening to the Tokyo Tapes" - Steve hackett's live album and video

Review: "Here It Comes Again" - The new ReGenesis album reviewed in a slightly biased manner

Review: "En recherche de temps perdu" - The final "Selling England By The Pound" show by The Musical Box at Montreal University Sports Arena, Saturday 14th November, 1998

Review: "Yet another trip back" - The Genesis Archive box set