TWR #41 - Contents

Review: Mike And The Mechanics live at the Apollo Theatre Manchester - Friday, May 14, 1999

Review: "Seeing the wood from the trees" - A selection of reviews of Alan's book "Opening The Musical Box - A Genesis Chronicle"

Review: "Ovo Here" - The Peter Gabriel Millenium Project, "Ovo"

Article: "While Youíre Waiting..." - Peter Gabrielís soundtrack contributions

Review: "Le Souper est pret, encore une fois" - The Musical Box concerts at The Montreal Spectrum

Review: "All sound and fury, signifying.... Nothing!" - "OVO: The Millennium Show" album by Peter Gabriel

Review: "Rare Tapes and Invisible Recordings" - The "Rare Tapes" series of compact discs

Interview: "Sketches of Hackett" - Steve Hackett in conversation

Review: "Impressive impressions" - John and Steve Hackett's new album: "Sketches Of Satie".

Review: "Songs from the inner mind" - The Symbiosis albums

Interview: "To re-mix or not to re-mix?" - Steve Hackett in conversation

Interview: "Phil Collins... profiled" - Phil talks about the "...But Seriously" album

Article: "Steve Hackett: From Genesis Sideman to Solo Success (or) How One Guitarist Twisted My Mind Forever!" (Part Two)

Interview: "Blasts from the past" - A series of interviews with the various members of Genesis past and present - This issue, Peter Gabriel, 1975

Interview: "An Interview with Tony Banks" - This interview is from an unknown source but was recorded during the band's 1978 tour

Interview: "The Mechanics Speak Out" - Interview with Mike And The Mechanics, BBC Radio One, February 15, 1995

Interview: "Still Rockin'" - Steve Hackett in conversation with Tommy Vance on BBC Radio One, June 19, 1979

Interview: "Spectrally speaking" - Steve Hackett interviewed on Capitol Radio

Interview: BBC Radio Hallam interview with Steve Hackett and Kim Poor, May 5, 1978