TWR #43 - Contents

Review: "Taking a look Inside & Out" - Robin Platts' new book on Genesis - "Inside & Out"

Review: "Wonderous Stories" - Two new albums from Guillermo Cazenave

Review: "A Definitive Moment" - "Defining Blue", the new album by Tony Patterson

Review: "In The Doghouse" - Ray Wilson's gig at The Doghouse, Dundee, Monday June 4, 2001

Interview: "Small Talk With A Big Voice" - A chat with Ray Wilson

Interview: "What's new, Steve?" - Steve Hackett talks about his current and future projects

Review: "Live - not Memorex!" - Invisible Touch at the West One Four, London; and The Limelight Club, Crewe

Review: "Another day at the Iron Door" - Face Value in concert at the Iron Door Club, Birkenhead

Review: "The scattered pages of a book..." - The Genesis Songbook, Channel 5, April 29, 2001

Preview: "Outwitting Hitler" - A preview

Interview: "In the line of fire" - TWR speaks to Chris Ward, producer of the "Outwitting Hitler" documentary

Interview: "A little trip down Memory Lane" - The Genesis Archive 1 interview, part two

Article: "Collector's Corner" - An analysis of bootleg recordings from the "Calling All Stations" tour

Review: "The Day The Light Went On..." - Genesis Archive #2: a track by track examination

Review: "Spectral in Cesena" - Steve Hackett Live at Castello Malatestiano di Cesena

Interview: "Dancing into the interview" - Phil Collins in conversation about his "Dance Into The Light" album

Interview: "The First Duke" - Genesis in conversation with David "Kid" Jensen about the "Duke" album

Review: "Far from FAded" - The first FAde Genesis fan release

Article: "Lamb Memories" (Part One) - A recollection of a fan's first impressions of Genesis' "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" album

Review: "It's been a long, long time" - Genesis live at the Wilhelm Koch Stadion in 1982